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New Hydroequipments Pvt. Ltd. owns and operates with the finest manufacturing facilities and latest equipments. We operate in two spaces which are located in Pune. These are some of the manufacturing equipments that we deploy in our day to day operations:

Lathe m/c: 04 Maximum upto 500 dia& 3.5 m between cente
VMC with 30 tools: 01 Upto 400 x 600 x 500 (mm)
Material Handling: Chain pulley blocks – 04, capacity 5 T (max) Floor cranes – 02, capacity 1 T
CNC Turning: 02 Maximum upto 300 dia& 1 m between center
Surface Grinders: 01 Maximum 250 x 600 (mm)
Hacksaw m/c: 02 Up to 300 mm dia
Milling m/c: 02 Maximum size 400 x 400 x 400 (mm)
Welding m/c: 03 Max 4 mm welding rod & 300 A (Argon & Arc)
Drill point grinder: 01 Up to 40 mm
Radial Drilling m/c: 03 Maximum upto 45 mm dia
Testing Facility: 02 Hyd. Static Pressure testing facility up to 700 bar
Compressor: 03 Maximum 2 HP
Honing m/c: 01 Upto 300 mm dia& 1 m length
Bending Press: 01 Capacity 60 T
DG Sets: 02 Maximum capacity 22 kVA

Some Measuring & Testing Equipment (Infrastructure)

Contamination checking Kit: 01
Surface Finish Testing m/c: 01
Surface plates: 03
Other calibrated measuring instruments such as dial verniers, micrometers, height gauges, depth gauges, etc.