SS Hydraulic Lift Tables With Brake

SS Hydraulic Lift Table

Table Size : 710 x 600 MM
Open Height : 1000 MM
Closed Height : 365 MM

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Product Features

Load on Platform = 200 kg.

Double Scissor Design.

High Pressure High Quality Hydraulic System For Safe And Strong Operational Features.

Polymer PU Bonded Wheels : 2 Fixed and 2 Swivel Type For Convinient Movement.

Positioning In Narrow Space Possible Due To Design & Constructional Excellence.

Positive Braking System Provided On Rear Wheels for Safety.

Foot Pedal To Lift & Lower The Loaded Platform With Smooth Jerkfree Operation.

One Piece Table Top For Strength And Easy Cleaning.

MOC : SS304

Foot Pump MOC : SS 304

Full Lift Stroke : Approx. 40 to 45 Strokes (Pumping).

Constrution : GMP- TYP, SS 304 Construction,

Lowering : By Foot Operated Release Valve.

Finish : Matt Finish

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SS Hydraulic Lift Table
SS Hydraulic Lift Table
SS Hydraulic Lift Table

Applications of Hydraulic Lift Table

Modern Applications For Hydraulic Lift Tables

New Hydro Equipment is offering custom pressure driven lift tables to address the issues of practically any application. We tailor each table plan to arrange, so you realize that your lift table will meet all your functional prerequisites. Enterprises that advantage from our quality hydraulic driven lift tables includes

Hydraulic Lift table for Pharmaceutical & Food Industires

At New Hydro Equipment Pvt.Ltd, we perceive that any time food and drink is handled and put away, there is an elevated necessity for redid material dealing with arrangements that will both keep up with the honesty of the item and guarantee representative security. NEW Hydro Equipment Pvt.Ltd has experience planning hardened steel lifting hardware for clean room applications basic for the food and pharma industry.

The Hydraulic lift table can be arranged with numerous unique highlights and choices to meet explicit prerequisites including clean room and other sans electrostatic activity or as a feature of lean assembling gathering frameworks. Treated steel models are accessible for clean or destructive conditions like food and drink, pharmaceutical and chemical handling companies.

Food and Beverage

Lift tables are accessible in hardened steel for a sterile, simple to-clean surface that can raise and lower loads while meeting FDA guidelines.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Hydraulic lift tables are utilized in drug handling activities to lift and move weighty hardware and items. Tempered steel gives a sterile surface, while the lift tables decrease the capability of specialist wounds because of overexertion.

Commercial and Office Spaces

Many workplaces and business spaces utilize weighty office gear, for example, copiers, fax machines, AV hardware, PCs, hard drive and specific apparatus. Lift tables permit representatives to move hardware around the work area securely and productively.

Retail / Malls Industry

Retail foundations use lift tables to raise, lower, and transport items in mass from the conveyance truck to capacity to the deals floor. With lift tables, workers can securely put items - even weighty things like development materials and machines on store racks.

Automotive Industry

In car fabricating offices and administration shops, professionals should have the option to move huge and weighty vehicle parts starting with one spot then onto the next for gathering, upkeep, and fixes. Lift tables permit representatives to move and in an upward direction position these things depending on the situation all through the office.

Manufacturing Industry

Lift tables are exceptionally flexible and can move things in various shapes, sizes, and loads all through assembling offices. They are utilized to ship and take care of unrefined components into manufacture gear. Lift tables are additionally valuable on mechanical production systems to raise, lower, and convey weighty and awkward parts.